Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Accepting Online Payments on your eCommerce Website – Easy

Easy Online Payments are the key to a successful eCommerce Website and we can help you achieve that by integrating your choice of Payment Gateway with your PHP or ASP powered eCommerce Website – Quick and Easy. We have the skills required for understanding the technical documentation and translating that into code to make an easy payment option available on your eCommerce Website.

This service is available when you have already shortlisted or signed up with a Payment Processing company also called a Payment Gateway for reference. Once you have the account setup done, you can ask them for a technical documentation for Integration of selected Payment Gateway on your website and get in touch with us for next steps.

The next steps here will be understanding the flow of information on the website, understanding the Payment Gateway technical requirements about sending the customer’s billing information to the selected Payment Processing company along with the payment information. Once the online transaction is complete, we get the response in a pre-defined format from the Payment Gateway and records the payment status on your website for reference which can be success or failure.

The time required for Payment Gateway Integration can be different for each website depending upon your programming platform, the programming style, type of payments and the selected Payment Gateway. Since these are all variables so the Cost for Payment Gateway Integration cannot be quoted upfront and there is no fixed price for this service. Please feel free to contact us using the form below and we can quote you a cost and time estimate for integration of your selected Payment Gateway to enable online transactions on your eCommerce Website.

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