Fix Broken Links

Fix Broken Links

Broken Links on your website are bad for user experience and also bad for your Search Engine Optimization. That means they hurt your business. Let us help you to fix broken links in your website… ASAP.

What are Broken Links?

First of all, let us provide you with a little information about Broken Links. A broken link, as the name suggests, is a link that directs visitors to a page which no longer exists. You can also call them Dead links or Link rots.

Why are these harmful for a website?

Broken links are unavoidable. These links not only annoy visitors but also affect quality and web score of your website. They affect SEO, SEM and other promotional activities that are done to increase your website rankings and popularity on the web portals. More the number of broken links on your website, lesser would be the growth. This is the reason why these broken are treated harmful for a website’s PROPER health!

How Broken Links are created?

Actually, there are number of reasons for the occurrence of broken links. We have listed a few for you!

  • When the website-owner changes the post-slug of a page after publishing
  • When a website is restructured
  • When website owner removes a page, but the link of that page remains in some other page or article
  • When a website that you provided as a referral link is no longer available
  • When a website changes its URL
  • When a website gets offline or blocked for not paying hosting bills or other reasons like firewall or hacking

There are many other technical reasons that can be explained as per your website programming. Sometimes the fault lies with you because it is easy to make a mistake while building a link. A common error is to forget to include http:// at link’s starting. When this mistake takes place, browsers assume that you are trying to build a link to a location that is relative to your current location. This error happens in both ways – while typing the link or while copying and pasting.

What to do?

So, now you know that these broken links affect your website ranks on search engines and also send a bad message to your visitors that you are not serious about your website. Therefore, fixing broken links to improve your SEO and website’s rank should be your first priority. Quarter Pie has complete maintenance packages starting at $10/hour if you would want regular maintenance and updates done on your website or you can always hire us for $15/hour if you need them done one off.

Why hire us for Fixing Broken Links?

We have tools to check your complete website, no matter how large it is on one go and we have the required resources to fix the broken links and if you wish, add some meaningful title tags on all the links that you have on the website.

We can do a 100% error free job at fixing broken links and we can do it really quickly.

What information will we need to Fix Broken Links?

We will require access to your website through CMS or FTP to be able to make changes. And that is all.

How much does it cost to Fix Broken Links?

Not Much but also depends on if you have 5 broken links or 5,000. Please let us know some information about your website and we can send you a cost and time estimate for fixing the broken links on your website.

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