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SEO strategies – it’s time to boost your ranking!

Everyone wants his/her business website to rank on the top of SERPs, isn’t it? But not all businesses could actually achieve it.

SEO Strategies 2017 - Boost your Google Rank

For those who’re looking for some successful ways to shoot up their rankings on Google’s SERPs in 2017, you need not look further. Here are the top strategies that will help your business rank better this year.

1.    Market your content

The most prominent way to improve your rank this 2017, it is none other than the content marketing. Though many people do not realize it, content marketing and SEO strategies need to be work on together to get improved results and visibility.

Creating high-quality content that adds value for your audiences and then market it on to the best authority sites such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora etc. This strategy will help you to boost your business to the top of Google’s SERPs. You can also hire a company that offers search engine marketing services in Delhi NCR for this.

2.    Leverage the power of videos

We should never overlook the power of video marketing. Videos are something that instantly connects to the emotions of your audiences and so this should be one of your top SEO strategies in 2017. Using innovative and amazing videos that bring more information to your audiences. This would engage them to your site and would prove to be one of the best SEO strategies. Use keywords in the description of the videos, but remember not to stuff the keywords.

3.    Improve page speed

No one likes a page that takes forever to load and would never like to browse through it. In the same way, your audiences to want to visit a website which has fast-loading pages. So, if you want to deliver effective user experiences to your target group, then work on improving the pagespeed of your website.

You can use tools such as GTMetrix, Google’s Page Speed etc. for analyzing and improving the page speed.

4.    Mobile Optimization

As we all know, the mobile searches are surpassing the desktop searches and this is the reason why Google recommends a mobile friendly website. To stay ahead of today’s competitive crowd, it is important for you to make sure that your site offers the same wonderful user experience on both mobile and desktop or any other devices. For this, designing a responsive website is a great move.

5.    Be social and engage with others

Building connections had become necessary to build up the authority and make your business reach to the next level. This can be done when you’re socially active and engage with the users. You constantly need to get out there among the people and build the authority.

Socializing doesn’t only mean sharing your content again and again with others. You also need to follow them, share their content, add value to the conversation etc.

Following these strategies will surely help you to improve the rank of your website and make it rank on the top on SERPs. If you’ve any doubts regarding the SEO strategies or want any assistance, you can talk to our experts or can even mail to us at

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