Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Your specific needs – Your Custom Web Design

Website Design is a space that is always changing. If you built your website last year, there is a good chance that you can benefit using the new technologies that were explored by the skilled website designers during last year. We always inspire our team to keep learning new things. Also, allow sufficient breaks in between web design assignments to keep exploring the fresh developments in the world of website design, for our designing team. With this, we can guarantee you that if you are looking for a website that can keep up with the needs of the day, we can definitely help you on that.

Why choose Custom Web Design?

We know, there must be various questions coming to your mind like – why you should choose a custom design for your website and what would be its benefits to you and your business? How is custom web design better than a template design?  All your questions will be answered when you will read following advantages of Custom Web Design.

1.    Better Rank On Search Engines

Various marketing and promotional trends show that custom website designs get better rank and more marketing benefits through search engines as compared to those, who use a template or any other already-made site design. Already made templates, may sometimes lack in quality and unique behavior, but customized website designs are specifically known for their Quality and Uniqueness. It poses a great impact on users which in turn leads to higher number of visits and increased ranks.

2.    High-Quality Uniqueness

A site tailored to your needs allows adding anything you want. Since templates are plain and unoriginal and they generally don’t have that “wow factor” of a custom-made website. A custom web design allows the site to be something that no one else has, providing the high-quality uniqueness that every businessman looks for! Plus, you can have it suit the look you are going after. In short, you don’t have to worry about looking like any other site online.

3.    Easier To Edit

Custom web designs are easier to edit because they are designed in the way that suits your comfort. Whether you want to change images, want to add a feature, or have to add some buttons, things can be managed easily and quickly with custom-made web design portals. Plus, an added bonus is that the web designing company, like Quarter Pie Interactive Pvt. Ltd., who designed your website, would be available to provide their services whenever you want. No such bonus would be available for template designs as they need to be edited from scratch which is a very time-consuming process.

4.    Reflect Your Business

A custom designed website makes you look professional, but actually, it does more than that! A customized website can be enabled to be in connection with your brochures, flyers, and other promotional activities. Investing in good custom web design can define your brand. It helps in achieving more potential clients. So, when it comes to showcasing your professionalism, nothing beats looking good in the eyes of your clientele like having a custom web design.

Check out our Web Design Process –

Custom Web Design Requirements Analysis

Firstly, we try to identify your business needs over a few meetings or phone calls or emails, whichever is convenient for you. Then we work out the best features that you can have for the money that you plan to spend on building your website. We try to help you in

  • Identifying the features that are adding cost to your website design budget
  • Features which are not adding much value to the user experience when they visit or use your website
  • Also, we tell you about latest features and design that will help boost up the visits on your website.

Both these steps are as important as the blueprints done by an Architect when you start planning on building your dream home.

Custom Web Design Costs

Based on the discussions and information that we gather to build your perfect website, we present you a neatly drafted proposal with cost and time estimate for website design and programming. We also present you performance-linked payment terms. Usually, the initial deposit is anywhere from 10% to 50% of the project costs, depending on the size of the project. Upon necessary approvals and initial payments, we get the ball rolling.

So if you want to be unique and different than the rest of the pack, our designing team is always ready to help.

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