Long Tail Keywords for SEO: A Better Way to Connect with Customers

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Long Tail Keywords for SEO: A Better Way to Connect with Customers

Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Competition – it all starts and ends with the competition. How much competition you have in the line of business defines your success and prosperity.

SEO requires a well-thought strategy. Keywords are the backbone of any SEO strategy. Keywords are words or phrases that people type into Google search bar while searching. Keywords are essentially people’s thoughts in the form of words.

There are two types of keywords – regular keywords (1-3 words, eg buy shirts online) and long tail keywords (more than 3 words, eg buy Levis shirt online). Now, at first it seems that you should target regular keywords because so many people are using those, but let us tell you a secret. It’s the long tail keyword that will help you progress.

Think about it: if you google a word ‘Hand Bag’. It is a very broad keyword. But if you Google ‘ladies leather handbags online shopping in India’, you know exactly what you want to buy. Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific as the visitors are more likely to use for their purpose.

Long-tailed keywords

A long-tailed keyword is a Chinese Dragon which goes on and on. If we create a graph of web-wide keywords popularity, very few phrases would show an enormous amount of searches.

But, the surprising part is these are the small percentage of all searches coming from the mid-length keywords. It means that seventy percent of page views are the result of long-tailed keywords.

Finding Qualified Searchers with Long-Tail Keywords

Shorter keywords can be difficult in rankings as the competitions are too high. With long tail keywords, you can attract exactly the audience you’re looking for. Here, the return on the investment will be proportionally much higher as the audience will be far closer to the point-of-purchase.

Lower the Competition, Lower is the cost

Long tail keywords are equally important for all businesses, who want their content to rank in Google organic search as well as for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns. Because while bidding, due to the less competition, the cost per click is always lower.

By targeting longer and more specific keywords, that are right for you and for your niche, in your AdWords campaigns, you can get your ad rankings higher on relevant searches without paying a premium for every click.

Using The Long Tail Keywords Generator Tool

It is easy to find long tail keywords with keyword research tools. Find out how:

  • Using Google Search
  • Using Google Keyword Planner
  • Find Low Competition Using Long Tail Pro
  • By Spying on Your Competitors
  • Using Google Search

Using Google Keyword Planner

There are many keywords research tools available. Go with Google Keyword Planner which is the best one and is entirely free to use. Just type in a search query in the Google Keyword Planner, you will get a table where profitable and competition based keyword (high, low and medium) are placed on the first page.

You can select according to your requirement.

Find Low Competition Using Long Tail Pro

There are some paid tools like Long Tail Pro. You can use it for keyword research. This will, of course, ask you to spend money but will save your time a lot by showing complete detail structure of the top 10 pages, currently ranking for your target keyword.

It will also help you to check whether your web page is ranking for your target keyword or not.

By Spying on Your Competitors

As we have already discussed, to start looking for long tail keywords, you need to have some generic keywords in your mind. What you need to do is you simply come up with the new keywords and start spying on both types of competitors – the more popular ones and the less popular ones.

Choose a competitor that gets most of its traffic from search engines. You will find a number of keywords that the site is ranking for along with the search volume, search result, the CPC of the keyword and the trend. You can also use Google Trends to see whether the keyword you have selected is worth working on or not.


When you search the best tips to rank your site, you would find a number of different ways like On-page SEO optimization, Off-page optimization or on social media. No one will recommend you to focus on a particular thing. and that particular thing is Long Tail Keywords!

If you know how to use long tail keywords, it can be hugely valuable for you to grab traffic.

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