Getting the Most Out of Your Content Marketing

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Getting the Most Out of Your Content Marketing

Being a content developer and marketer you should strive to keep up with this swiftly evolving industry. It is critical to produce pieces that are both sounded with the audience and also provides the return on investment in the business.

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By engaging visitors, you build trust, which makes it easier to overcome obstacles to get the qualified leads and close sales. Following are some best practices for getting the best of your content marketing and to strengthen your marketing efforts in 2018.

Long-form content delivers higher value to audiences

Content marketers know that the website visitors are often seeking some solution to their problems or more knowledge about a topic. It is your job to identify that issue and present your product or services, explanation or expertise as the best resolution.

Get personal with interactive content

According to a research, 75 percent of surveyed marketers are planning to increase their use of interactive content this year to achieve the difficult goal of content marketing. A user-focused experience is highly engaging and helpful as it guides visitors to results that match their specific needs.

The interactive content type may also include infographics, 360-degree videos, personality quizzes and more. This lets the visitors try out their skills and discover new information about themselves, which could draw organic traffic and are easily shareable on social media.

Re-generate strong content to get organic traffic

You can easily re-generate or expand every part of your content marketing strategy, to get the most out of your investment.

Identifying high-ranking posts with social channels that helps you to build upon. Deep digging into topics by publishing articles, or latest news, trends or statistics can also help out.

You can also repurpose seasonal content by promoting it on social media at strategic times. Present the same material in a new way by transforming the old blogs into infographics or publish a series of posts as an e-book.

Using Social media to drive traffic

As a content marketer, your job also includes driving traffic to the content that you curate. Promoting content on social media channels still remains the best way to reach wide audiences because it is an easy and an inexpensive way to address them.

Some industry studies show that spending around six hours per week can help to boost your traffic. Start participating in other popular channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat, to discover how to leverage each opportunity.

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