Custom CMS (Content Management System)

Custom CMS (Content Management System)

When Out Of The Box doesn’t fit your needs

We have built more than 100 custom CMS’s for all sorts of websites which range from Corporate Websites to Furniture Showrooms who wish to display their product catalogue which can be browsed by Brands, Collections or Applications.

We totally believe there are many advanced CMS’s available and we use WordPress a lot (this website is also on WP). But when you really have a complex requirement and you do not think that WordPress really suits as the CMS of choice, we can surely build a Custom CMS for you, that will have the just features you need.

We recommend using PHP with MySQL as a platform for building a Custom CMS that addresses your specific requirements, add some AJAX functionality where needed and do not forget meta tags management combined with URL rewriting but there can be many other features that you can think of and we will be glad to hear your ideas about the CMS that you need.

Why Need Custom Made CMS?

You all might have heard several times that “Content is King” in the web world. Actually, the need of the hour says that “Fresh Content is the King”. New and fresh content keeps visitors and customers coming back. If your site is displaying all that same old stuff then why would anyone want to return! Using a custom CMS can help you add new content whenever you want, and visitors will keep coming back to read more, thereby increasing your visits and rank on different browsers. This is the thing that brings popularity to your website as well as your business.

A custom-made content management system (CMS) makes it easy for you to update own website without even having knowledge about web development. You can do many things with just a few clicks. If you’ve ever used webmail then you already have the necessary skills to use a content management system. But, if you feel that your website needs a touch of timely-based business requirements that too in the budget, then a custom made CMS can really help you out. A custom-made CMS can be used to update many areas of your website, like …

  • Product listings

  • Price changes

  • News releases

  • Announcements

  • Press releases and articles

  • Blog posts

  • Staff biographies

  • Homepage text

  • Privacy policies

  • Quotes and testimonials

  • FAQs

  • Real estate listings

  • Classifieds (autos, pets, art)

  • Uploading photos

  • Uploading PDFs, Word Docs, etc

So, here is where Quarter Pie Interactive can help you out. If you’re interested in making and managing changes to your website, all on your own, we can set up a custom CMS for you. Just let us know what areas of your site you would like in an automated way and we can prepare for you a free proposal.

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