What is a Custom WordPress Theme?

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What is a Custom WordPress Theme?

Did you get Custom Theme? or a Customized Theme?

There is a difference between a Custom WordPress Theme and a Customized WordPress theme that most website owners do not know about. And this is an attempt to explain the difference and no way means that customized themes are inferior in quality or custom themes are the only way you can get traffic.

A custom WordPress theme is the one that is built especially for you and no other website on Internet will have the same markup unless someone referred to your website for inspiration and ended up copying each tag. On the other hand, a customized theme means that there was an existing theme used as a starting point for development of WordPress theme for your website. Which means that you will get a theme which might have options to change almost everything on the website as there is a possibility that the starting point theme, was used for many websites by your developer so he has built in functions for managing most if not all the content on the website.

There is a good chance that the HTML Mark Up for the customized theme will remain the same across many websites, mostly those done by the same developer and also the design elements might have some similarities across the websites. If you have a custom theme, there is a chance that some of the content elements are within the code as the theme developer did not see them changing every day to build an option in admin area to let you update things like your social media URLs on theme, your phone number etc but that also means that your theme has been build from scratch and the mark up will be different from other websites on Internet.

There are pros and cons to both the approaches so you can make your pick when selecting how to proceed with building your WordPress based website but if you have selected WordPress as your preferred platform for building a business website or a personal blog, Cheers!! for making the right choice as nothing beats WordPress when you compare the CMSs available.

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