Email Marketing

Email Marketing

In today’s technical era, it is not easy to maintain businesses online. If you are one of those giants who are running online portals for your businesses, then you must be aware of Email Marketing and how much it is important for expansion. We, at Quarter Pie Interactive, offer a variety of promotional activities including SEO, PPC Campaigns and Brand Marketing to keep your online business portals up to the highest levels.

Why we Lead in Email Marketing?

There’s a reason -or more – why top niche companies in India and abroad are hiring us for their Brand promotions. From small businesses to international brands, each of our clients is very important to us. And, how we deliver for our largest and best-known clients is also important to you. With compliant tools, second-to-none features and extremely reasonable price plans, we are for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We want to tell our clients that E-mail marketing is not just confined to sending bulk emails and SMS’s to masses, as many Email marketers do. It contains much more than that. We focus on doing Brand Email marketing, which is far more efficient in terms of customer response as compared to bulk email marketing. Moreover, it is customer-friendly too, as your client or customer will not get spam emails which are often deleted without even being seen.

How Email Marketing Will Be Helpful To You?

  • Email marketing helps to make a connection with customers for enhancing web presence.
  • Email marketing helps to keep your clients up-to-date with your offers, schemes, and event notifications.
  • Through email marketing, our immediate clients will come to know about customer behavior and how to attract them for their products and services.
  • It will also help to convert potential clients to existing customers.

Here’s a Guide to help you get started with Email Marketing

You can choose to do it yourself or get in touch with us and we can take care of these activities for you.

Get Subscribers

Subscribers are those customers, clients or members who give you permission to email them regarding your products and services. Email Marketing is Zero when you have no subscribers to read your emails. So, it is necessary to get some subscribers first, in order to flourish online.

There are some rules and regulations made for sending emails. A reputable IT company will hold you to best, lawful emailing practices so that they can ensure secure delivery of your email newsletters to subscribers who really want them. Note that bulk emails can only be sent to those subscribers who want the information from you. But that too is done in a limit as there are stiff legal penalties for breaking the law when certain lines are crossed for sending emails.

Organize your lists

You can easily divide, clean, buildand manage your contact lists with our user-friendly list management tools. These tools will help you divide your lists to send better-targeted emails; clean lists of useless email addresses, bounces, and spam; update your list with new contacts and delete ones that are of no use. Things become time-savvy and sorted when you have an organized list of emailing contacts. This is the reason why a successful email campaign cannot be possible without an optimized email list.

There are many ways in which an emailing list can be organized. For example, we can organize the contact list as per location, birthdays, purchasing behavior, target market segments, responders, openers and non-openers, new and old subscribers. It’s up to you to decide how to organize your emailing contacts into different lists or segments.

 Create Content

A good quality content is required for sending emails to clients. We make this sure that the emails going to your clients contain quality content that can provide required information to be delivered while keeping the standards of the industry. Content can be in the form of text, ecoupons, pictures, links, or videos. This professional content that is sent to clients through emails is generally called newsletters. There are many types of professional email newsletters such as

  • Promotional newsletters
  • Newsletter for event invitation
  • Holiday templates
  • Surveys or polls

Preparing these professional newsletters is not a cup-of-tea for everybody. These newsletters should be interesting but also need good and monopolized strategies that can compel the client to come over for your services. Here is how we can help you.

 Schedule Delivery

Some emails are meant to be shared same day or in few minutes of they are written, while some need a better planning or timing. So, they may be stored as drafts or can be scheduled for later on. This is also a part of email marketing so that your mail doesn’t get under spam folder of your client. With the help of targeted email marketing you can send your email to one list at a specific time and same mail can be sent to another part of your list later on.

Emails can be scheduled as per the requirement and purpose. For example, there are some emails that are scheduled for weekdays, while some are specially meant of weekends. We, at Quarter Pie Interactive, also provide our email marketing clients with an autoresponder feature that sets them free of reminding and making those important newsletters again and again. Just set and forget – it’s that easy with us!

Subscribers’ Respond

Emails that are received and read by your customers are called opens, whereas emails that are not opened or undelivered are called bounces. Subscriber’s response is very important for your email marketing campaign as it marks your reputation. Your customers will usually respond to your email marketing campaign by clicking on the links (aka click-thru links) you have sent or by hitting your web portal or visiting your store directly.

There are three major things that need to be considered for subscribers’ respond.

  • Was your email delivered?
  • Was the subject line interesting and attractive?
  • Was content of email compelling enough to elicit action?

Your email has been delivered, but it will make no sense if it is marked as SPAM. Once your email goes into spam folder, your reputation will ladder down in eyes of the reader. So, it is necessary to keep things very professional and clean while writing subject lines of these newsletters. A subject line is the first thing that your client will see in his inbox, and if it is not worth seeing, your mail will be dropped in spam folder without even being opened. In other words, we can say these subject headers as First Impression Makers, and first impression always counts.

Here comes the need of Best Email Marketing Service provider and that’s Quarter Pie Interactive!

We spend a lot of time in making good content strategies that will not only compel our client’s customers to open their newsletters, but also will help to make a friendly relation with them. In this way they will wait for your offers and mails, and every businessman wants that!

Track Your Success Online

Every person wants to track his success. For email marketing campaigns, one has to keep a track on trends so that messages are being sent in the most optimized fashion. When you are spending long hours in planning your marketing campaigns and content it becomes necessary to know –

  • How many emails got delivered?
  • How many newsletters were opened?
  • What percentage of persons opened your emails from the particular lists?
  • How many forwarded your newsletter?
  • How many visits were there from click-thru links you sent in your email marketing campaign?
  • Who unsubscribed?

And lots more… These questions can only be answered when you hire a good company for your email marketing campaigns.

Quarter Pie is your one stop solution for all these email marketing stuff. Rest assured as we do Performance Check very frequently and proactively scope the areas that need more attention and yet we celebrate on achievements for our clients.

Unauthorized and unsolicited emails are not encouraged at Quarter Pie Interactive.

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