Regular Website Maintenance Services

Regular Website Maintenance Services

It is better not to have a website if you do not have someone to keep it fresh and well maintained.

What’s the Need of Website Maintenance?

The rules, by which search engines list websites, change constantly. So, all websites need to be maintained properly in order to keep them up to date and synced with those rules and regulations. Where some sites need daily updates, others need occasional maintenance. It all depends upon website’s domain and various search engine policies. Without updating and taking consideration of these new rules, a website can easily become ‘lost’ in search engine listings. Also, fresh information ensures people have a reason to return to your website. Here is where you need to get your site maintained in a levelled way.

Website Maintenance generally includes revising, editing, or changing existing web pages without hurting your web presence. The periodic addition of new web pages is also a part of maintenance services.

Why Hire Us for Website Maintenance?

Whether you need to get your website updated, looking for malware removal, or have got hacked – we can sure help you with all these maintenance issues. We have just the right resources, skills and manpower needed to keep your website up-to-date, keeping it operational and trouble free. We also cater Responsive Website Maintenance services in order to get a wider audience for you through mobile devices. We work with each client to make sure their site is maintained in a manner appropriate to their needs.

Regular Content Updates

Those business owners who run a website know – why content is called king on web portals! Web content not only includes those typing inserts like articles, website technical content or blogs. It also includes images, animations, sound and videos. In short, web content is everything that we can see and read on web pages. But, among all, text is given the topmost priority. The more you have coordinating and readable content on your website, more would be your visitors and rankings. And, this can only be happened if you are doing regular content updates on your website, because Fresh and Interesting is always welcomed in Internet world!

So, if you need to change or add new photos to the website, or need some good quality content, call us! We’ve got it covered in website maintenance.

Design Updates

Whether you have a new design element or need a new style written for you to get the best appearance, we have got you covered for this under our website maintenance services. With the fixed set of hours allocated for your assignment, you can use them for tweaking existing design or building some new design elements as needed.

Design updates are essential for better user experience. After all, who will want that your visitors are moving to competitor’s website for their updated web design! In short, when you sense that your competitor have done some changes in web design, it is the right time for you to take the step as well! Or stay ahead by doing it first. A better and updated web design will get you more visitors than before and keep your competitors on short.

Malware Removal

Malware hurts your business reputation more than a non-functional website. Spread Brand Awareness – Not Malware.

With so many attacks happening on websites these days, this happens often with the websites that are built on open source tools such as WordPress for example. Usually this happens because of Vulnerability in plugins, patches not installed and WordPress not being updated to the most recent versions.

We can diagnose your website and have it back online really fast for an affordable fee.

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