Web Analytics & Stats

Web Analytics & Stats

Know where we stand and what we can do to ENGAGE the traffic on website

We offer comprehensive web analytics and stats to easily understand the reports for the traffic on the website. We do Web analytics to Measure, Collect, Analyze and Report the web data for purposes of optimizing and understanding web pages for search engines. Web analysis provides information about the traffic of the website, page errors and keywords to be used. Some common questions related to this can be:

How are we performing as compared to your competitors?
Which areas of the website require improvements?
How to engage more traffic, and have them visit the website again?

Our web analysis is a mix of many factors – including

  • UI analysis
  • Navigation Placement
  • Interesting and to-the-point content on the website
  • Making the best use of hot areas on the web pages
  • Brand Recall
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Semantic HTML

On the website pages that makes sense to search engine crawlers. We study the website starting from top entry pages, study user behavior, the pages they clicked on and the top exit pages. In addition, it can include study like, if the user has met the objective for which they visited the website and also meet the objective of the business owner who built the website.

The key, in this whole process, is the visitor because when you build a website – you built it for your visitors. Keeping in mind the visitor’s mindset, we review and send you a user experience report with problem areas and general experience of the visitor on the website.

Benefits of using Web Analytics Services:

  • Get better results in the lowest possible budget
  • Fixing your shortcomings to make your website better
  • Gain key insights regarding likes/ dislikes of your audience, number of page views, the amount of time they spent, most popular services, etc.
  • Improve the performance of your website and enhance conversion rate by manifold
  • Know the traffic pattern of your website

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