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What is an Interactive Website?

In Interactive Website, in very simple words, is what it sounds like. A website that can interact with the visitors. This shows output or presents information on the screen which is personalized for the visitors who is visiting the website.

Let me explain with a very simple example, you might have visited any astrology related website which shows you your forecast based on the inputs that you provide, which in most cases is your date of birth or your sun sign.

Another example can be a real estate website for property rentals or property sale where you enter your zip code and click the search button and voila, you get 100s of listings that are in or around the zip code that you entered. In this way, you are interacting with the website and these are interactive websites which respond based on your inputs.

How is this done?

This is usually done using a database and PHP / MySQL combination, which is a leading technology and enables this type of interactivity between visitors and websites. These type of websites are also referred to be as Dynamic Websites build on PHP / MySQL Platform. I will write a separate post very soon on why PHP/MySQL has an edge over other technologies for building Interactive Websites.

I hope this answers “what is an interactive website“. I welcome your comments and questions if your need to know more or need more examples here.

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