What is a Static Website?

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What is a Static Website?

Difference in Static and Dynamic Website for a new Webmaster

A static website, as it explains by itself, is a website which has a content that doesnt really change very often. To make changes to such websites, you need someone with knowledge of specialized software to update the website which are primarily but not limited to FTP- to transfer files to server, HTML – to change the content of the website, Graphic Editing Software – to make changes and resize / crop photos on the website.

Even though the web is expanding every day and millions of pages (no references or facts, thats only my guess) being added everyday, some business owners still prefer a basic static website design for their business. This is primarily when they have a business that only needs some basic online presence to let their potential visitors find them when they are looking for the business itself of services and products provided only by them.

Such websites, usually need an Annual Maintenance Contract for Website Maintenance by the designer who designed and published the website or with any other designer who the business feels can provide better support.

Advantages of Static Websites

  • Static Websites can be designed for a lower initial cost – Starting at $199 with us
  • Static Websites can be hosted for a lower initial cost – Starting at $20 per year at some companies
  • Static Websites can be developed rather quickly if all the content is ready and final – Say about 3 business days
  • Needs less skilled Designers as they do not need to have knowledge of any CMS or Database


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